Our new line of vibrant sweatshirts and joggers comes in a variety of colors. You might want to acquire one but be concerned about how to keep it in top shape so you can use it for the longest.

Today we are going to be sharing tips on how to care for your colourful African print hoodies and Sweatshirts.

1. Your sweatshirts require little maintenance and last a long time so they can be worn 5–6 times before needing to be washed. This also because most times they are used as outer clothing and have little or no sweat on them.

2. To prevent pilling, hand wash, wash on delicate, or wash your sweatshirt inside out.

To properly clean the hood and sleeves of hoodies, pull them out from the center of the garment.

3. Sort the clothes you're washing by color shade as you wash them with a bunch of other items.

4. Dry colored clothing by hanging it. If at all possible, avoid using the dryer as it can hasten fading and set unattended stains.

5. To prevent shrinkage when washing your sweatshirt in a washing machine, use cold water, regular detergent, and a standard wash cycle.

African print map sweatshirt

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