African Print Headwraps : Styling Tutorial

African prints are not only used in clothing these days but are also used in making many other products. The prints are now used to make beads, bags, shoes, and hair accessories. One of the most popular hair accessories is the African print head wrap. With them, your outfit is transformed from basic to stylish and sophisticated, even for corporate wear.

How to tie african print headwrap

The Ankara head wrap is easy and quick to tie. It can be tied when wearing Ankara clothing, including gowns, skirts and shirts. The head scarf can be of the same print or a mix of prints. All of our scarves are made from the same print as our clothes, so you are sure to find this in our store.

styling tutorial african print scarf

On plain tops and denim pants, Ankara print scarves are stunning.You can wear them with plain tops and denim pants or skirts to add some color and redefine your style. They are also useful when you don't know what to do with your hair. Furthermore, you can use this when you want to beautify your hair, not only when you want to cover it up. Just jeans and a top makes you look and feel regal because of the head wrap.

You must not fully cover your head with the scarf. The scarf can be tied just like a bandana. Tuck the ends of the scarf so it won't slip off. Tie the scarf as tight as possible so it won't fall off.