African print infinity maxi dress: 5 ways to wear it

One African print maxi dress that is so versatile that it always looks new whenever you wear it is the African print Infinity maxi dress. As the name implies, you can style this dress in so many different ways and still not finish the options. Made of high-quality African print wax fabric, the infinity maxi dress features two long strips of material you can mould around your upper body and a floating skirt. We have the African print Rita and Maeva Infinity maxi dresses in our store, and we are going to show you the various ways that you can style this dress. You can also come up with your own.

Here are a few ways to wear the African print infinity maxi dress.


Hold  and pull both straps up while keeping the fabric open to cover the chest. At the front cross the straps and place on opposing shoulders. To create a cross at the back, bring the straps over your shoulders and thread one strap over the other. Bring the two straps underneath the arms and wrap them around the waist. Tie them together tightly at the front. Fasten them at the back with a bow or knot.

Infinity Maxi dress


drape both straps over one shoulder. Twist the straps together until they reach your waist. Make two separate ties and wrap one around each waist, crossing at the front and tying together at the back.


Bring the straps to the neck and knot them together. Drape each over the shoulder of the other. knot the ties together mid-back and wrap one around each side of the waist, crossing in front and knotting in the back.

african print infinty maxi dress


drape each strap over one shoulder and spread out the fabric. Make an X with the ties in the back. Tie them around the waist making sure to cross in the front and back before knotting in the front.

how to tie the infinity maxi dress

Others include :

  1. Strapless : Strapless: drape the right tie over your right shoulder. Cross the left tie across the bust to the right and around to the back. Do the same for the right tie. Cross the ties at the back, then cross them at the front, then knot them together at the back.
  2. Like a skirt: Wear the Infinity dress as a skirt with a plain top by tying the straps around your waist.

Visit this link to watch the video of the African print Rita infinity maxi dress being styled.


Infinity dresses are a great way to completely revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Get yours in our store today.