We had a giveaway December last year, and a   Non-African lady won. When she received her dress from us, she inquired about if it was appropriate for her to wear the Infinity Maxi dress with African print because she was unaware of the print when she joined the giveaway. She took part in the giveaway after noticing a lovely garment and liking it.

Can I wear African print as a non black person??
We responded to her in this manner. which was, "Yes, she can definitely".
What are African prints, you might wonder?
These are wax prints that were first created by the Dutch in the 1800s and were well received in West Africa. Production eventually started in African nations like Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, where the diverse cultures of Africa infused their unique styles, colors, and stories into the various prints.
Exactly what we explained to the lovely recipient of our January contest. No one would consider that to be cultural appropriation.
African prints are frequently created to symbolize specific occasions or to tell tales of African tradition and culture. What better way to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the African people than for individuals from various walks of life to wear clothes from our prints?.
Wear the African print, please, and look stunning while doing so just like our lovely winner.