I always look forward to the Christmas movies at the end of the year. Aside from Christmas decorations, it is one of the things that tends to put you in the holiday mood and open everyone's hearts to the joy and significance of Christmas.

The majority of the holiday films available on Netflix share a similar plot, but each one finds a unique way to define Christmas and how it should be celebrated.

We have put up a list of 5 Netflix movies for you, your family, or even just yourself.

NB: Wikipedia and the Netflix website were used to obtain the film's description. Movie posters also do not belong to us. 

1. Falling for Christmas:

A movie about a young, recently engaged heiress who has a skiing mishap just before Christmas. She ends up in the care of the attractive cabin owner and his daughter after being given an amnesia diagnosis. Released in November 10, 2022, the movie features Lindsay Lohan. 

Falling for Christmas

2. The Noel Diary

 A romantic holiday film based on a novel about a best-selling author who visits his mother's estate at Christmas and discovers a diary full of historical secrets. If you love feel-good movies, this one is for you.

 The Noel Diary Christmas movie

3. The Holiday Calendar 

 Despite being a 2018 release, the movie feels new. It concerns a gifted photographer who receives an old Advent calendar from her grandfather that may foretell the future and guide her toward love. A really beautiful film, I must say.

 The Holiday Calendar

4. Operation Christmas drop

It is loosely based on the actual U.S. Air Force Operation Christmas Drop humanitarian mission and stars Alexander Ludwig and Kat Graham.
While trying to close down his tropical post and its airborne Christmas tradition, an orderly political aide falls in love with a kind-hearted Air Force pilot.

Operation Christmas drop


5. Jingle Jangle

 Toymaker Jeronicus is devastated when his assistant steals his concept book and a special matador doll. Until his granddaughter pays him a visit years later, he loses the desire to make new toys. Keegan-Michael Key and Forest Whitaker are in the movie. This is a fantastic family film and children's movie.

 Jingle Jangle

In the comments box, let us know which movie you've seen or which one you liked best.