In the westernmost region of Africa lies the vast territory known as West Africa. The region consists of 17 countries and is known for its rich cultural heritage. It’s beautiful scenery, cultural diversity, and friendly people make it a wonderful, relaxing place to visit.

As our own way of celebrating the World Tourism Day that took place on the 27th of September 2021 and as our clothes are made in West Africa, we decided to write a post about places to visit there.

 Let's explore the unique and interesting places in West Africa that you should visit on your next vacation!




In Africa, it is the smallest country and is known as the smiling coast because of its friendly people. Aside from its golden beaches, the Gambia boasts picturesque lagoons, swaying palms, a rich history, and a laidback culture. There are so many wonderful reserves and wildlife parks where you can see so much wildlife and have such an amazing time in the country.

visit the gambia

places to visit in Gambia



West Africa's Ghana resides on the Gulf of Guinea and its capital is Accra. This country is often called Africa for beginners and is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to relax, immerse themselves in Africa's authentic culture, and learn more about the continent's history. In this country, you can find beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and fascinating museums. Besides epic landscapes and wildlife, Ghana is famous for its Jollof Rice. Explore its festivals, visit Kakum national park's canopy walk and find beautiful products made by Ghana's best artisans.


Kakum national park canopy walk


visit Ghana



This country is an island located in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal. As can be seen by the many beautiful pictures posted on Instagram by tourists, this place is a popular tourist destination. Several islets and islands make up this place. Take a stroll through the local markets to find some artefacts, enjoy the exotic seafood and exotic meals made there and don't miss the beaches and luxury resorts. January and February are the best months for wind surfing because the country has high winds then.

visit Cape Verde



The giant of Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. The subtropical climate, wide beaches, exciting craft markets and lively lifestyle make it a year-round destination. There are many beautiful tourist spots in Nigeria such as Olumirin Waterfall in Erin Ijesha and Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar, Cross Rivers state.

waterfall in Nigeria

canopy walk in Lekki, Lagos state Nigeria

Night life in Nigeria



The official celebration of world tourism day was held in this country this year. Yamoussoukro is the country's capital and the country is a hidden gem. A picture-perfect palm-lined beach surrounds it, offering several incredible attractions for visitors. Food favourites include their Kedjenou stew and Poulet Braise. You can also see all kinds of wildlife in Comoe National Park, a national park with a wide range of species.



Market place in Ivory Coast


For a pleasant holiday, you can visit any of these West African countries. Why don't you get on your phones or gadgets now and book a flight to any West African country listed here in this post and have the best travel experience ever?

Make sure you bring a camera!!