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Kosyline is a brand whose collections draw inspiration from the richness of African heritage, and we strive to convey this through our clothes. Using African print fabrics is one way we do this, we also make sure that our clothes are handmade by Africans and made in Africa.


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Kosyline team

In today's post, we'd like to introduce you to the creative team behind the Kosyline brand. The brand has 15 employees as of today, including tailors, dry cleaners, the production manager, and social media staff. Our team works in Lagos, Nigeria where our clothes are produced and in London, UK.

staff and team at kosyline
black owned business staff and team

These are the people who ensure that the clothes we make for you are of the highest quality. In addition, they ensure that the clothes are delivered in their best condition and that part of the brand's vision to create clothing that makes every person who wears them feel confident and distinctive is realized.

kosyline team

Additionally, the brand was created in order to create jobs and encourage African imports. We hope that the brand will provide a source of income for creative and hardworking people in Nigeria. Despite having achieved it in a small way for now, we plan to do more and bigger things in the future.

African print clothing

The sale of our clothes will allow us to increase our staff, create more paying jobs and showcase the beauty of the African people and the creativity of Africa in general. Get your African print clothing with us in order to help us achieve this goal.