Early morning breakfast

The morning is the beginning of the day, and what you do then determines how the rest of the day will go. A day runs more easily and calmly when the morning is tranquil.
Whatever routines you develop for the morning have an impact on how you feel, behave, and think throughout the day.

Here are some habits you can include into your morning routine  to make sure the rest of the day finds you feeling, behaving, and thinking at your best. 

1. Don't use your phone when you first wake up. Attempt to avoid using technology throughout the morning hours. This keeps you from getting so caught up in the most recent messages and news that you end yourself getting out of bed late and everything else may follow suit.

2. Give yourself a few minutes to unwind, plan your day, pray (if you follow a religion), or repeat your daily affirmations before you even get out of bed.
Before getting out of bed, spend one minute thinking about how lovely you want the day to be and filling yourself with positive energy.

3. Early in the morning, make your bed. Making your bed may seem unnecessary, but it's a quick task you can complete in the morning that will give you a sense of accomplishment as you begin your day. When the day is over and you are exhausted and simply want to fall into bed to sleep, having an organized environment to return. You don’t have to come back and start laying your bed or arranging your things on

4. Exercise your body. Simple yoga poses, brisk walks,  morning runs or jog, or gym sessions all provide the body with the correct kind of energy for the remainder of the day. You have the impression that day that you can accomplish anything.

5.Take care of yourself by getting up early to take a shower, brush your teeth, comb and style your hair, apply body cream, eat breakfast, and take other self-care measures. You'll feel better about yourself, gain more self-confidence, and look nice the remainder of the day if you do this.

Early morning breakfast