Satin bonnets are crucial hair accessories that aid in preventing unneeded hair breakage and support you on your path to getting very healthy hair.
We'll be discussing how to take care of them today.
How often you should wash them, as well as how. notably the bonnets that we make.
How to care for hair bonnets
How frequently you wash it largely depends on how frequently you wear bonnets and how many hair treatments you apply. It's crucial to routinely clean your bonnet. There should be a minimum of two weeks between each wash. Weekly is advised if you use thick hair products.
You have the option of washing it by hand or by machine. But it's recommended to wash your bonnets by hand.
Use the delicate/gentle cycle on the washing machine with cold water if using one.
When hand- or machine-washing your bonnets, pair them with garments of the same color so as not to be stained by a fabric with another color.