Variety of ways to wear the African Print Jacket and Kimono

ankara jackets and kimono

The jacket is one of the few pieces of clothing that I adore. Especially those with lovely Ankara designs. African print jackets, especially those in the form of kimonos, are light layering pieces that may be worn in any weather. It's very useful when you want to add a layer but it's too hot to wear a cardigan or a denim jacket, which is why I adore them. Depending on how you style them, they might be incredibly casual or super fancy. Let's have a look at how you can wear our Ankara jackets or kimono in a variety of ways.

1. Over a simple bodycon dress.
The African pattern jacket looks well with any dress, especially a bodycon dress. The addition of a jacket to a bodycon dress elevates this look to a more feminine and beautiful level. Make sure the jacket and dress prints aren't clashing. If you're wearing a multicolored printed jacket, keep the dress simple.

2. Jean shorts or Pants:
Jeans or shorts look great with a blazer for an edgy and sophisticated look. This outfit is simple to pull off and works for a variety of events.
For a picnic, summer vacation, or summer celebrations, the Ankara jacket with shorts would be ideal.

ankara jackets and kimono
How to style Ankara Kimono

3.As a corporate outfit:

African print jackets can be worn with jumpsuits, skirts, and corporate pants.  The jacket can be long or short sleeved, knee-length or ankle-length. Jumpsuits become a beautiful attire for a casual occasion when coupled with a jacket.


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